Can diabetes be cured? Signs of diabetes

  • Can diabetes be cured? Signs of diabetes

Diabetes is a disease many people suffer, including the young and the elderly for many different reasons. This is a problem that causes many inconveniences in work and life, affecting the psychology of the patient. However, not everyone knows how to identify the signs of diabetes and prevent it in time. This article will share with you specific symptoms and treatment.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes not only refers to a single medical condition, but it is a group of diseases that cause people to feel tired, related to blood sugar levels. People with diabetes experience higher than normal glucose levels, leading to organ dysfunction. When this happens, the body loses energy, the brain and heart are affected, muscles and tissues are no longer healthy.

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There are many causes of diabetes in humans, including environmental effects and genetic problems. People who have loved ones who have had the disease are at a very high risk of developing diabetes, and often have no obvious signs. Besides, the reason why you have this disease is also due to overweight, high blood pressure, pregnancy, childbirth, polycystic ovaries, sedentary.

In the past, the main target of diabetes was people over 45 years old who used too many products containing artificial sweeteners. Currently, the age group of the disease has widened, including people aged 25-40 years. The reason is due to work pressure, stress often affects the body. Patients are often detected very late, leading to difficult treatment.

How many types of diabetes are there?

Diabetes comes in several types, divided by the level of insulin expression and concentration in the body. According to clinical studies based on the patient, it is divided into 3 categories: type 1, type 2 and pregnancy. Each level will have different symptoms and treatments. To better understand the causes and mechanism of action of each type, please refer to the following information.

Type 1 diabetes mellitus

With this first type of diabetes, it is caused by the body's inability to produce insulin naturally, causing organs to stall. Because this is a hormone that plays a role in balancing blood sugar, helping to bring glucose to the cells for energy. When insulin is not produced, cells do not have "fuel" to function, leading to weakened bodies, and other diseases.

With the inability to function properly, cells responsible for insulin production attack the human immune system. Since then, glucose continues to stay in the blood, not "open" to go to other places. The high blood sugar level affects the heart and brain, and muscles become soft and weak. To overcome this, the patient must use artificial insulin.

Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Unlike type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes is an abnormality in the body's use of insulin. That is, the responsible cells still produce adequate insulin, but the cells in the tissue and muscle cannot accept them. They are resistant to insulin, causing glucose to be not regulated by the normal mechanism and accumulate in the blood, causing blood sugar to rise.

Although it is not yet clear what causes type 2 diabetes, experts are able to identify the cause of the risk. The majority of people with the disease often have poor body condition, inactivity, lying and sitting a lot. In addition, often stress, unhealthy eating also causes insulin to be inhibited, glucose is not regulated properly.  

Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes occurs in pregnant women, manifested by insulin-resistant cells similar to type 2. Not everyone has this problem, but the number of people diagnosed is questioned. pretty big. In some people, the inefficient pancreas also causes the glucose to build up, causing blood sugar to rise.

Gestational diabetes is harmful to both mother and baby

People at risk of gestational diabetes mainly have problems like genetic predisposition, a history of type 2 disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and obesity. Therefore, those who are planning to become pregnant need to maintain a moderate weight, during pregnancy need to eat healthy and well-balanced, and have light exercise.

Symptoms of diabetes

Diabetes has symptoms similar to other diseases such as aches and pains, colds, kidney failure, abnormal liver function. Therefore, people often ignore these problems or use drugs incorrectly leading to worse conditions. Diabetes determination is done by measuring blood sugar, exceeding the normal level of 70-99 mg / dL.

A person with diabetes will have a blood sugar level higher than 125 mg / dL, a person with prediabetes will be at 100-125 mg / dL. In terms of symptoms, each type 1, type 2 and pregnancy will not have completely the same symptoms. In general, the patient will often feel thirsty and hungry, urinate frequently, have poor performance, lose weight uncontrollably, be tired, and the wound takes a long time to heal.

In particular, these manifestations are not clear to a pregnant woman, which may prevent treatment from being promptly performed. Therefore, you need to have regular pregnancy check-ups to make sure both mother and fetus are healthy.

In some men, diabetes also causes muscle fatigue, weakened limb activity, decreased libido, and erectile dysfunction. In women, if not caught early, the urinary tract can become infected, the skin becomes rough and itchy.

Diabetes and cardiovascular complications

Having diabetes will affect many organs, in which the most dangerous is the circulatory system, including the blood and the heart. Too high blood sugar causes tissue damage, blood becomes "less clean" and affects the heart and vessels. It causes undesirable complications in the body, including stroke and heart attack.

In some people, diabetes is also the cause of heart disease such as abnormally fast rhythm, high blood pressure. This leads to a weakened body and risk of paralysis, unable to absorb nutrients.

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Diabetes treatment is extremely difficult because experts have yet to find a way to affect insulin production and regulation. Therefore, the disease cannot be completely cured, it can only relieve the symptoms. Medicines on offer assist the cells to take in insulin or deliver this hormone artificially, preventing dangerous complications.

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Above are answers to questions about diabetes in humans and effective treatments. Please refer to the information and have the best care and protection regime.

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