Drink collagen properly - not everyone knows!

Collagen is in many functional foods that are commonly used by women today. Additional collagen for the body helps to support the process of caring and nourishing the skin from within. At the same time, collagen also reduces the aging process and enhances the body's resistance. However, how to take collagen correctly is not a matter of everyone.

Why must supplement collagen daily?

Collagen plays an important role when it accounts for 70% of the skin structure. At the same time, 25% of the protein in the body is the amount of collagen, they maintain the flexibility of the joints. Specifically, collagen is present in many organs such as bones and joints, ligaments, cartilage ...

Loss of collagen is continually produced by the body to compensate for and maintain the body's functions. However, the body after 25 years of age will slow down the production process, causing the body to quickly fall into the state of skin aging, impaired bone and joint function ... Therefore, daily collagen supplementation plays an important role in compensation. Add the necessary amount of collagen that the body loses.

When the body begins to lack Collagen, sagging skin, wrinkles, easy freckles, dark spots ... are the most visible signs. Supplementing with collagen helps you to improve the root cause of skin aging. In addition, daily collagen supplementation also helps the body to be more supple, increases resistance to arthritis, pain in old age ...

You can supplement collagen for the body through the menu of daily meals. Some red foods such as tomatoes, carrots, ... foods contain lots of vitamin C, butter, salmon .... will help provide abundant collagen to the body. However, you can also choose collagen supplements available on the market to replenish collagen quickly and effectively.

How many types of collagen are there?

Collagen peptides can be supplemented with a variety of dietary supplements such as water collagen, collagen powder, and collagen tablets. Depending on the form of collagen that you have different usage. However, collagen powder, tablets or water, your body is able to absorb and promote effective functions.

Water-based collagen

Water-based collagen is a water-based collagen product available in pre-packaged bottles. When using, you just need to gently shake the bottle and drink directly to replenish collagen for the body. Water-based collagen is a product that is evaluated to have a better overall absorption level of the body compared to other types of collagen.

Collagen tablets

Pelleted collagen is a popular collagen product currently integrated in many functional foods. Some sunscreen pills, melasma pills ... now also contain collagen to help regenerate the skin. To supplement collagen properly, you should combine drinking plenty of water so that your body can easily absorb the collagen peptides contained in the pill.

Powdered collagen

Powdered collagen is also a popular collagen product used by women today. Users just need to mix the powder with water and drink daily to supplement collagen for the body. Powdered products are also used to make everyday dishes such as tea, areca, ... can change the way of use.

How to properly supplement collagen

Collagen brings many distinct benefits to the skin, slowing down the aging process and regenerating cells from within. Besides, collagen also works to increase resistance and add flexibility to the joints, especially when the body starts to age. However, in order for your body to absorb the best and most effectively, you need to keep in mind when, how much and how to use it.

Drink a lot of water

When you do not supplement enough water for your body to dissolve collagen peptide, your body will reverse the amount of collagen supplied to your body. Therefore, drinking lots of water while using collagen supplements is an extremely important note.

Be active and drink plenty of fluids

Currently, water-based collagen products are prioritized for use by the body's ability to fully absorb. However, if you combine drinking lots of water, collagen pills or powder can maximize its use.

With powdered collagen, you can mix collagen powder with dilute water to drink daily water changes. Make sure to drink enough 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day to dissolve and help your body absorb maximum collagen from the product.

Combined with vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient with many important health benefits. In addition to enhancing resistance and improving skin health, vitamin C also works to promote the formation of collagen fibers in the body. For the aging process, vitamin C works against free radicals - the main cause of aging in the body.

The body is capable of producing collagen on its own, however, the deficiency causes the skin to rapidly age. Daily collagen supplement is a form of passive supply of collagen to the body, interfering with the metabolism and synthesis of the body. Helps the body have flexibility, repel osteoarthritis pain, enhance resistance. In particular, collagen significantly improves sagging, aging skin.

Combine vitamin C supplements

In the process of using collagen, you should combine the use of vitamin C for the body to speed up the process of caring and restoring the skin. At the same time, it promotes the formation of natural collagen fibers. By doing this, you can be assured that the extra collagen in your body inhibits natural collagen production.

It can be said that vitamin C is a nutrient that both supports and replenishes and promotes the effects of collagen peptides. They help the body to be healthy, fight against aging agents, thereby promote the great effectiveness of collagen supplements for the body. At the same time, vitamin C also promotes natural collagen formation in the body.

Other notes when taking collagen

  • Do not drink collagen even if it is water-based collagen on an empty stomach to avoid feeling scratchy and uncomfortable. In addition, taking collagen when hungry also makes you have cravings and unwanted weight gain.
  • It is recommended to use collagen 30 minutes after breakfast or 30 minutes before bed. Collagen supplementation at bedtime promotes skin regeneration and metabolism. In addition, the use of collagen before bed also helps you sleep better and deeper.
  • The time to take effect from collagen supplementation will vary with location and age of each person. However, you should only use collagen 2-3 months, then take a break from 1 to 2 months to stimulate the body to regenerate and promote use of each cell, organ in the body.
  • Even if you use collagen properly, you should limit yourself to about 2.5g of collagen peptides per day for your body.
  • You can supplement collagen according to the regimen suitable for the location and age: about 3 months per course for ages 20 to 30 years; About 6 months per course for ages 30 and up.
  • Avoid concurrent use of oral contraceptives and collagen supplements. At the same time, pregnant or lactating women should also pay attention when choosing to use collagen to avoid fatigue, pigmentation, ...

Collagen is an important active ingredient that helps you maintain healthy, shiny skin. At the same time, collagen greatly determines the flexibility and strength of the bones and joints in the body. Therefore, when starting through the age of 25 - the body loses the ability to produce certain collagen, the supplementation of collagen through functional foods is noted. However, you also need to learn more about how to use collagen properly and effectively.


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