Drink collagen with hot and acne?

Unlike men, women's skin will quickly age and become more sensitive with age. The reason is that the collagen essence that makes up the cell structure decreases with each year, making the skin's resistance worse. To overcome this, many people choose to supplement with that protein from the outside. So taking collagen can cause heat and acne? Please read this article now.

Causes of acne when taking collagen

To help the skin always soft and smooth, stretch the ball, many women use collagen-containing supplements. However, for some reason this approach causes side effects, most notably acne on the face. This phenomenon reflects improper use of collagen, lack of supplementation from other required ingredients.

Normally, the extra load of collagen in the body will cause rejection. The reason is that collagen is a natural protein synthesized by organs itself, so they will become "wary" of strange essences. You must follow your doctor's recommendations to avoid this collagen intake. Using too much will prevent the body from receiving it.

Besides, while taking collagen, you also need to add an abundant amount of water to ensure absorption. Water works to stimulate metabolism, help organs quickly "get acquainted" with new collagen sources. Every day, you combine the parallel intake of collagen and oral filtered water will limit the unfortunate elimination, avoid acne.

You should use the product properly to avoid acne formation

In addition, if you plan on collagen beauty, you should spend a lot of time researching to shop for quality products. The use of items of unknown origin is the reason why your skin doesn't improve. Furthermore, active ingredients in the product may also pose a cancer risk, making the aging process faster. You should be cautious when buying and taking collagen.

How to take collagen without acne

To maintain the effectiveness of taking collagen and avoid acne, please refer to the following supplements. All suggestions given are synthesized from the sharing of dermatologists. Adhering to these principles will help your skin quickly improve, and keep your youthful appearance forever. At the same time, the pimple will not have a chance to appear to bother you.

Combination "in oral and topical"

Collagen is not only provided orally but also replenished skin. You should combine these two remedies to ensure full nourishment of the skin, helping to regenerate and absorb more naturally. Every day, take collagen as directed by your doctor, and apply a cream containing this essence on your skin regularly.

You should take care of your skin both inside and out to ensure it works

Besides, in order not to "overload" the skin with collagen, you should use the correct dosage as recommended by your doctor. At first, you should only drink a little of this essence, up to 2000mg. After about a week, you should add more, possibly up to 3000-5000mg. You should not arbitrarily speed up the excess nutrients, leading to liver dysfunction and inflammatory acne, causing pain.

Drink a lot of water

Drinking water regularly, whenever thirsty is the principle that anyone must adhere to when supplementing with collagen. Because this is an important material that stimulates the metabolism in the human body, and at the same time detoxifies the skin. That way, new harmful impurities do not accumulate, leading to pimples. Water improves liver function, facilitating the body to receive collagen from the outside.

Water helps the body to receive collagen normally

In addition, water also plays a role in creating the perfect moisture for the skin, helping the epidermis surface to always be smooth and cool. Acne-free skin is healthy, properly moisturized, helping to limit uncontrolled sebum production. Every day, you should drink at least 1.5 liters of water to ensure this maintains, making it easier to absorb essence from the inside out and from the outside in.

Choose products from a clear origin

One of the things you must do carefully and thoroughly is to find out the product's origin before buying. The increasing demand for beauty from collagen is the reason why counterfeit products are present in the market. These establishments often give extremely fluent advice, sure to make consumers trust them. From there, you will buy the wrong product.

People who take oral water or collagen pills of unknown origin will experience deteriorating skin and health over time. The ingredients in these fake supplements cause inflammatory pimples and pustules. Besides, they also create a risk of cancer and some other skin diseases, and affect the function of the liver and kidneys.

Use genuine products to help reduce pimples

Shop for collagen supplements for your body from local stores, local online websites and reputable agents. Currently, the most popular products that provide collagen with women in the world are made in Japan. They come from big, safe and benign brands, most of which are natural extracts, most notably Nucos products.

Take collagen peptides derived from fish

Current best collagen source that the human body can absorb in a maximum and safe way is collagen peptides extracted from fish. This is considered to be the essence with the closest use of human-made collagen, helping to improve skin and appearance. Therefore, the current lines of reputable and quality supplements all contain this ingredient to bring you the best effect.

The current leader in the production of collagen drinks with ingredients extracted from fish is the Japanese brand Nucos. This is a brand that specializes in providing collagen-rich supplements and contains other beneficial active ingredients from nature. After only about 15 - 20 days of continuous use, your skin will be improved, no pimples like other brands.

Nucos Spa salmon collagen peptides drink - Helps you to clear up the anxiety of burning liver and acne

With the mission of bringing young and flawless skin to women, Nucos manufacturer has launched many different functional food lines. In order to bring the most safety to users with natural extracts, Nucos Spa is a favored item of this brand. With collagen peptides extracted from fish, your skin will remain supple and supple.

Currently, this line of functional foods has 2 types: Nucos Spa 10000 and Nucos Spa 13500, with different collagen. Besides, their main ingredients include Coenzyme Q10, Elastin, natural extracts such as yeast, tomatoes and vitamins. The main use of Nucos Spa is to slow down the aging process, improve whiteness, increase skin elasticity and effectively retain moisture.

Nucos Spa collagen drink keeps skin healthy

The biggest advantage of this product is that it does not contain harmful ingredients that cause heat to the liver, affecting its main function. In addition, it is also produced with safe absorption mechanisms in the body, ensuring no acne formation. Your skin will remain supple throughout the use of this drink and after using it continuously for many months.

The above is specific information that answers the question of whether taking collagen is hot and acne or not, and suggesting the correct use. Please apply these principles immediately to your skin care process to quickly get the desired results. If you are in need of buying genuine Nucos Spa, please visit the website of Nucos Japan for support.


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