Facial whitening and whole body whitening safely and effectively - Why not?

  • Facial whitening and whole body whitening safely and effectively - Why not?

Any woman wants to have a bright white and ruddy, smooth, flawless skin. This requires you to have effective but equally safe facial and body whitening methods. Using natural extracts is the current trend you should consult. The following article will suggest the best practices for you to apply immediately.

How is a healthy white skin?

To find and apply the right way to whiten skin at home, you need to understand what is a beautiful and healthy skin. This is considered based on both facial and body skin with different criteria. In particular, to assess whether your skin is healthy white or not, it is necessary to consider the factor of even color. This means that your skin must be even white, without any dark spots caused by acne or sunlight.

Healthy white skin has high resistance and is even color

The second criterion is elasticity, which is shown over time the skin returns to its original tension after light and strong pressure. If your skin subsides after the impact, long recovery, it means it has entered the aging process, no longer healthy. Wrinkles will appear quickly, causing sagging abdomen and cheeks, and fine lines on both eyes. Besides, healthy skin will not show any signs of roughness or flaking.

Beautiful white skin is also shown through the presence of common diseases and sensitivity or not. Those who have healthy face and whole body will have no acne, no freckles and are easily allergic to food, cosmetics, pollen, ... When you touch, you will feel the softness. the same clear, very smooth, cool shade. The reason for this is that the skin is properly nourished from the inside, with enough moisture and high resistance.

How to whiten skin at home

Having healthy white skin as the information mentioned above is the wish of many girls, especially those aged 25 and over. Because at this time, the skin will gradually enter a period of collagen decline, gradual aging and no longer youthful, natural skin whitening measures for the face and whole body in addition to improving the color also help slow down this process. . Specifically, please apply the following ways:

Whitening with aloe vera

A lot of girls who like to whiten the whole body at home are using aloe vera (aloe vera). This raw material provides an extremely rich amount of amino acids which are essences that nourish the skin structure, stimulating the natural regeneration process. Besides, it also contains a variety of B vitamins that help maintain moisture effectively. Vitamin C and vitamin E are essential essences for safe skin whitening.

Aloe vera contains many amino acids and vitamins that help improve skin color

For a safe skin whitening method with aloe vera, peel off the skin and scrape off the flesh of the ingredients. Then you put this white meat in a clean thin towel and squeeze the juice. Every day, you use it to apply on your skin after bathing for 10 minutes and then rinsing with water. Skin color will be significantly improved in just 1-2 months of continuous use.

Body whitening with beer

Beer is an alcoholic beverage that is not recommended by doctors because it can dehydrate, become rough and sensitive. However, if you use this ingredient on the skin, it will become the "miracle" that effectively whitens and moisturizes well. The beer contains a lot of water to keep the skin cool and soft. The abundant amount of vitamin B helps skin to be more smooth and bright.

Beer has the effect of moisturizing and toning skin

The home facial and body whitening recipe is ⅓ 4-hour open can of beer and bags of fresh milk. You should mix these two ingredients together and then proceed to apply directly to the body after cleansing completely with shower gel, cleanser. During the application process, you should massage gently in a spiral direction so that the essence penetrates deep inside, nourishing a healthy white skin.

Làm trắng da mặt bằng mật ong và trứng gà

Chicken eggs contain a lot of beauty essence, which can be combined with many other ingredients to help skin smooth, shiny, pink. A mixture of honey and eggs is your best bet if you are looking for a safe home-whitening treatment. Honey has anti-inflammatory effects, helps skin tone and reduces dark spots. Chicken eggs provide skin restructuring essence, improve softness and increase elasticity.

The mixture of chicken eggs and honey supports effective skin restructuring

Every day, take an egg, separate the yolk and mix well with 2 tablespoons of honey. Then, you proceed to gently massage face and body with this mixture after bathing. The essences in chicken eggs and honey will penetrate the skin and nourish deep inside the layers. After only about 1 month of use, you will feel a dramatic change in skin color and softness.

Natural skin whitening how long to be effective?

Although using natural skin whitening remedies brings many benefits, it can be inconvenient for some women. Most ingredients will improve color and softness after about a month, sometimes more. The skin tone lift also takes place slowly, not too obvious if used not long enough. They are not suitable for people who need quick whitening.

Natural skin whitening takes a long time

Therefore, you should only apply these measures if you have time and want to take care of your skin slowly. Besides, when choosing materials to use also need to be careful and careful to avoid the harmful effects of preservatives. For the remaining cases, buying and drinking skin whitening supplements will bring more convenience. Their prices are also very affordable and high quality.

Nucos Super White - Safe and effective facial whitening and whitening solution

Japan is a country famous for its beauty industry, known and trusted by many people. Products that nourish bright white skin from within and care outside from brands are mostly natural extracts. In particular, they are extremely suitable for Vietnamese women, very worthy of your choice. Currently, the brand that is getting the most attention is Nucos.

Referring to a safe facial and body whitening supplement, Nucos Super White is indispensable. With the main ingredients of horse placenta extract, red apple, yeast and tomato, the product is extremely suitable for nourishing healthy skin. Besides, it also contains a large amount of collagen and vitamins B3, C to help skin become more radiant white, maintain high elasticity and rejuvenate the surface.

Nucos Super White whitening collagen drink

The price of this product is extremely affordable, suitable for many users. The design of Nucos Super White is a 10ml small bottle, which is loaded orally into the body and absorbed through the stomach wall. You can use the product in two ways for skin whitening including the attack dose and the maintenance dose. After about 15-20 days of continuous drinking, your skin will be visibly white and bright.

For a woman, skin plays an extremely important role, deciding 50% of the beauty assessment criteria, so it is very important to have effective skin whitening measures. Hopefully, with the above suggestions, you will have more ways to take care of your body safely, bringing confidence in life. Do not forget to visit the Nucos Japan website to immediately buy Nucos Super White safe whitening products.


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