Nucos collagen good?

  • Nucos collagen good?

Nucos collagen is a beauty product from a famous Japanese brand. This is one of the health supplements certified to ensure hygiene and safety, and is trusted by many Japanese women. Although newly appeared in the Vietnamese market, Nucos collagen has an extremely solid foothold. The following article will introduce details about this item for your reference.

Brand Nucos Japan

Nucos is a famous beauty care brand from the country of the rising sun, and is loved by many women here. With modern production line and ingredients mainly from nature, your skin will be safely protected when using the product. This is also a beauty trend that most brands related to the beauty sector in Japan are pursuing.

With the continuous development and hope to reach the international level, Nucos has appeared in the Vietnamese market with the best beauty care products. Provided with international certificates and rigorous testing, the item from this brand is completely benign for Vietnamese women. Therefore, although it has only appeared for a short time, Nucos Japan has a position.

Nucos Japan offers skin beauty products

Currently, products from this brand that are sold the most in the Vietnamese market are all related to the supply of nutrients from deep inside. The main items contain vitamins, collagen, extracts of natural ingredients, ... Many famous artists have used Nucos products and have good reviews such as Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, Isaac, Ngo Thanh. Van, ...

Is Nucos Collagen good?

Most of the products from the Japanese brand Nucos have collagen ingredients - one of the most essential proteins of women's skin. If you are a regular looking for beauty treatments, you will surely know this essence. This is a form of fiber protein that accounts for 25% of the total protein reserves in the body, which helps to maintain the smoothness and elasticity of the skin. Cell structure requires collagen to always ensure firmness and softness.

Collagen is an essential protein for female skin

Nucos Collagen is the product that provides this essential essence for women, helping to rejuvenate the surface, maintaining firmness from deep in the dermis layer of the skin. People who use this product regularly maintain its youthful, fresh and radiant beauty. In particular, the natural extracts in this Nucos supplement also provide vitamins to help protect the skin effectively.

Using Nucos collagen is the perfect choice for Vietnamese women between the ages of 25 and 60, especially middle-aged people. This is the period when the skin gradually enters the sagging stage and wrinkles appear, and it is important to supplement collagen. If you take Nucos in time, your skin will remain youthful for a long time. This helps increase confidence, keep the best appearance.

The main ingredient is in the collagen types of Nucos

Nucos collagen is a healthy and safe deep inner beauty product, mainly composed of protein essences and natural extracts. For consumers to easily follow and learn, these nutrients are divided into many different groups, each with its own function.

The first group of antioxidants, maintaining whiteness, includes vitamins B3, B6, vitamin E, Beta Carotene, Hyaluronic Acid. The group strengthens skin structure, keeps elasticity and reduces wrinkles with elastin, vitamin C derivative, fish-derived collagen peptide, Coenzyme Q10. Group of skin care are color, limit freckles and darkening with tomato extracts, red algae, horse placenta, yeast.

The product contains tomato extract that protects bright white skin

Types of Nucos collagen

Although the main use is to beautify the skin, but the needs of each age, each person is different. Nucos collagen is therefore divided into many categories with intensive effects, making it easy for consumers to choose. For the most effective and accurate shopping, please refer to the following Nucos collagen types.

Nucos Spa

Nucos Spa is a product containing very high levels of collagen essence, up to 10000mg extracted from salmon. Besides, it also contains up to 9 other essences that are good for the skin of Vietnamese women in particular and Asia in general. Every day, using a bottle of this drink will help you maintain the rare radiant, radiant and youthful skin.

Nucos Spa 10000

The addition of collagen to the body is something that any woman must do to have a long-lasting youthful beauty. Understanding this, the manufacturers of Nucos Spa always try to optimize the composition, while providing many other essences that help. The main use of the product is to tighten the skin, improve the whiteness, limit blackheads, and nourish the skin smoothly.

Nucos Spa 13500

Unlike the Nucos Spa line above, this product focuses on collagen supplementation instead of integrating many other ingredients. This is considered the perfect choice for women aged 30 and over, helping to beautify the skin quickly. The essence in the product can be absorbed by the body to the maximum, making your skin always young and soft like a teenager.

Nucos Spa 13500

In addition, this item contains some other essences but not too much and all have smooth whitening effects. Using Nucos Spa 13500 every day is the best solution to help prevent premature aging, limit melanin production under the skin. Natural extracts for stretching skin are also an indispensable ingredient because this is the factor that makes Nucos Collagen the most popular among women.

Nucos Cells Up

This is the least popular Nucos collagen product on the Vietnamese market but has a great use. Its main ingredients are royal jelly, elastin, grape seed extract, collagen 1500 and coenzyme Q10. The effect brought by Nucos Cells Up is to bind cells, stimulate metabolism in the skin and slow down aging. You will always feel the softness and tightness of the skin.

Viên uống Nucos Cells Up

Unlike the above products, Nucos Cells Up is designed as an oral tablet instead of water, helping the essence to be absorbed by the body slowly. Your skin will remain youthful for a long time without any side effects. This is also a design that helps keep the essences as a better ingredient, not being lost over time.

Nucos collagen 100%

Another product line from the popular Japanese brand is Nucos collagen 100%, meaning it doesn't have any other essences. Using it every day helps to provide your body with this essential fibrous protein for cellular and tissue connections. The main effect of the product is to slow down the aging process, maintain elasticity, and limit the appearance of wrinkles in the face.

Prices of Nucos collagen products

With many uses for women's skin, Nucos collagen is favored by many shopping. For each type, the price given will vary in accordance with the effect and main ingredient. You should consider the condition of your skin before choosing the right product to ensure optimum effect. The price of Nucos collagen types is very affordable, as follows:

Nucos Spa water price (Nucos spa 10000, Nucos spa 13500)

Water-based collagen Nucos, including Nucos Spa 10000 and Nucos Spa 13500, has an exceptional ratio of essences, providing a smooth glow as desired. Currently, a box of 10 bottles of Nucos Spa 13500 is being displayed for sale at a price of VND 2,050.00, each bottle has a capacity of 50ml. The price of Nucos Spa 10000 is cheaper, only VND 1,690,000 with a box of 10 x 50ml bottles.

Price of Nucos tablets

Nucos Cells Up and Nucos Collagen 100% come in pill form to help the body absorb the essences without being eliminated. With a box of 90 pills that can be used for 1-3 months, the price of Nucos collagen 100% is VND 475,000, very cheap compared to other beauty products. And the cost for a box of Nucos Cells Up is 945,000 VND with more supporting essence.

As a woman, skin care and immediate supplementation of Nucos collagen supplements is extremely necessary. Hopefully with the information shared above, you will have more options to properly protect your skin. If you are in need of product purchases, please visit the website for advice and support at the best price.


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