Premature aging and the cause of premature skin aging

No woman would expect her skin to become less smooth and wrinkles. However, this is a manifestation of the natural aging process after 25 years that you cannot prevent. However, if you do not take good skin care, you can easily encounter this problem even at a very young age, losing your youthful youthfulness. The article will share with you the causes of premature aging.

What is aging skin?

Human skin is maintained by many cells with different essences, helping to ensure smoothness and softness, and to heal quickly after damage. In it, collagen is a naturally occurring fibrous protein with the most important role. It helps to maintain cell structure, connective tissues to create smooth and shiny. Your skin is also more elastic if there is abundant collagen.

However, in women, the amount of this essence is reduced over time, namely that each year, the body produces 1% less natural collagen. This is the cause of the sister's skin becoming more and less rough and less smooth, no longer fresh. Your skin will also lose its elasticity, and wrinkles appear more at the corners of the eyes and at the corners of the mouth.

Deficiency of collagen causes skin to age

This condition will begin when you turn 25 years old, and manifest most clearly at the age of 55 - 65. The skin becomes softer and sagging, making many women feel insecure. Especially, if you don't have the proper care and protection, you will experience premature skin aging. This is also the cause of acne formation, and melasma appear, making the skin dull.

Signs of aging skin

In each person, the aging will manifest with different degrees and the speed is not the same. However, most women will have the most characteristic sign of collagen loss on the forehead, then spread to the eyes and lips. Besides, there are many other manifestations that you can refer to the following:

  • Wrinkles: Decreased collagen is the reason that connective tissue is no longer firm. The skin on the forehead sags and then the eyes, lips, abdomen and thighs;
  • Sagging neck skin: not only the face, the skin on the neck will also be sagging and sagging as the aging process takes place;
  • Chest no longer firm: the most obvious sign is that your chest is no longer stiff and tight as before; the libido decreases accordingly;
  • Hair loss a lot, gradually fading; Brittle brow and eyelashes;
  • The hand appears age spots;
  • Facial skin is uncontrolled with sebum production, acne grows in abundance and is easy to form bruises It feels lumpy to the touch and recovers long with light pressure.

Aging skin has many manifestations

The cause of premature aging

Premature aging is a condition in which the signs of skin aging appear as soon as you turn the age of 20. This usually happens in girls who have a bad skincare regime or are lazy to skincare every day. You do not have careful skin protection methods will cause wrinkles to form, collagen production is not enough to compensate.

The main cause of premature skin aging is the rays of radiation present in the sun. It stimulates the production of melanin pigment, which causes the skin to dull quickly, while also breaking the connective tissue of tissues. Besides, sunlight also promotes natural oxidation, causing skin to appear wrinkles. When combined with polluted air, it creates an environment for acne to form, causing skin damage.

People with a habit of substance use will show signs of premature aging, especially smoking regularly. Nicotine in cigarettes will cause the free radicals to increase rapidly in number, causing the skin regeneration process to be affected. This happens more slowly in men because men's forehead skin is 20% thicker than women. So girls will appear wrinkles sooner, dull skin.

Recipes "revitalize" for aging skin

Although the skin aging process after it starts, it won't stop, you can still slow it down with a variety of methods. The first rule you need to follow is to eliminate the causes that cause this phenomenon to occur early or promote the risk of speeding up the process. Next, you need to regularly implement measures to support skin regeneration, specifically as follows:

Living in moderation

In order for your skin to always "rest" properly, you need to follow a scientific regimen. You should sleep at the right time, get enough sleep so that the natural recovery process can be carried out normally. You should not stay up too late to work or use electronics with blue light, as these factors will make the aging process worse.

Get enough sleep to make your skin more beautiful

Eat a healthy diet

Proper eating plays a huge role in improving skin problems in women, especially those who have entered the aging process. You should supplement a lot of green vegetables, fresh fruits to provide all necessary vitamins for the body. Drinking plenty of water is one of the certain things you must do to stimulate metabolism, eliminate toxins from the body, maintain smooth skin.

Exercise every day

Any dermatologist advises women to exercise every day to avoid premature aging. Exercise is a great way to prevent toxins from accumulating under the skin, affecting the tissues and cell structure. Besides, this also helps you to get mentally comfortable, reduce stress and fatigue. These factors are all in the group that increase the risk of skin aging in women.

Exercise will help keep skin healthy

Absolutely protect skin from the sun every day

The sun contains UV rays, which is the main reason for faster skin aging. You need to take absolute measures to protect the skin from these radiation rays, to maintain healthy skin. Whenever you need to leave the house, use a sunscreen with SPF 30+ or higher to ensure effectiveness. In addition, you should also equip a jacket, hat, shoes, ... to avoid sunlight.

Fully moisturize the skin

The drier the skin, the faster it will age and vice versa, so you need to have the right moisturizing measures every day. The skin with enough water will limit the uncontrolled sebum secretion, causing acne and unpleasant roughness. You can keep your skin hydrated by applying regular natural masks, mineral sprays, and using a moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type.

Moisturizing is something you cannot ignore

Supplement with collagen types to prevent aging

The most effective way to prevent and slow skin aging in women is to supplement with essential collagen. Currently, according to scientific research, collagen peptides are considered the most compatible essence with human skin. This is a nutrient extracted from fish, present in many oral collagen products and drinks of famous brands.

Nucos Spa - Prevent comprehensive skin aging

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Nucos Spa 10000

The main ingredients of Nucos Spa are collagen peptides, natural extracts of yeast and tomatoes, coenzyme Q10, elastin, vitamins B, C and E. The product's use is to protect the skin under the sun, keep Perfect moisture and smooth the surface. The right audience for Nucos Spa is people 25 years of age or older who show signs of premature aging.

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Skin aging, especially premature aging, is a problem that many people feel frustrated, needing to find the right solutions. Apply the tips shared above to get your desired youthful and soft skin. Do not forget to visit the website or fanpage of Nucos Japan to buy for yourself the most genuine and quality Nucos Spa product.


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