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Nucos Spa 10,000 - Collagen products extracted from Japanese salmon. Protect your skin from the ravages of time by rejuvenating the skin, erasing wrinkles, preventing aging, reducing pigmentation, giving the skin a white, glowing skin.

Emulsifier: Esters of sucrose with fatty acids.

Olive leaves: help balance blood sugar, promote insulin production.

Bitter melon: helps to inhibit the metabolism and absorption of sugar in the body

Green tea: helps to slow down the rate at which carbohydrates go into the bloodstream, helping to fight oxidation.

Brewer's yeast: Helps increase the amount of chromium in the body, thereby controlling blood sugar.

These ingredients are very useful for people with prediabetes and diabetes in reducing blood sugar, while helping to reduce blood fat, good for the heart and strengthen the resistance.


Support to increase antioxidant capacity

Helps increase skin elasticity

Reduce skin aging, help brighten skin.


Use for people from 23 years and older


  • For Attack dose: 1 bottle / day continuously for 20-30 days (depending on aging level of skin).
  • For maintenance dose: 2-3 bottles / week.
  • Best taken in the morning after eating or as directed by a healthcare professional.
  • Shake well before drinking.

STORAGE: In a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of CHILDREN.

* Note: The product is not a medicine, it does not replace medicine.

Bitter melon extract 192,384 mg
Brewer's yeast (Includes 10% zinc) 45,744 mg
Brewer's yeast (including 0.2% chromium yeast) 13,728 mg
Green tea extract 48 mg
Olive leaf extract 40,8 mg
Starch 86,544 mg

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