The best sunscreen pill today

  • The best sunscreen pill today

Sunscreen pills with many outstanding advantages are currently trusted by women. Compared with conventional sunscreen, this supplement reduces the discomfort of clinging on the skin. In addition, the sun pill has a comprehensive effect from deep inside, safe for health. We will learn more specifically about the best sunscreen pill today through the article below!

What is a sunscreen pill?

Sunscreen is a functional food that appeared and popularized very early in many Western countries. With superiority, comprehensive quality and safety for health, endogenous sunscreen pills have been and are being welcomed by many Vietnamese women. Through this product, sisters have helped the body have a protective barrier against the harmful effects of the sun.

Creates a protective layer to protect the skin from the sun

Most of today's best oral sunscreen products have extracts of polypodium leucotomos - fern extract. In addition, they can also be combined with some ingredients such as red pomegranate, sunflower, green tea ... to increase their antioxidant capacity. In addition, the product is also fortified with vitamins A, D, E ... and minerals with sunscreen effects such as calcium, zinc, selenium ...

The essence of endogenous sunscreen pills is to provide antioxidants, slowing down the aging process due to the impact of the sun. Along with that, polypodium leucotomos helps the skin to increase its tolerance (resistance) to the effects of ultraviolet rays (UV rays). By inhibiting the formation of melanin melanin, the product also helps you limit damage such as dark spots, freckles caused by sunlight.

Ingredients such as the content of vitamins, beneficial minerals, collagen and antioxidants from plant origin also aid in skin care from within. Not only increases resistance but also nurtures healthy skin from within.

Japanese sunscreen pills good?

Sunscreen pills originating from Japan are well-known for receiving proper investment in the selection and production process. By extracting natural products such as ferns, red pomegranates, aloe vera, green tea ... Japanese sunscreen pills help the body strengthen its strong antioxidant capacity. From there, they help the skin increase total resistance, reduce damage from the sun.

Japan is the most developed country in health care

Sunscreen pills cannot help your skin completely resist the effects of UV rays. However, Japanese sunscreen pills can help you protect against endogenous sun for up to 4 hours in a comprehensive and safest way. Just use the pill about 20-30 minutes before going out and you have equipped yourself with an effective protective layer from the sun.

Japanese sunscreen pills are also known for their thoughtfulness in the manufacturing process. The beneficial composition of vitamins and minerals also contributes to the slow aging of the skin. At the same time, nourishes and takes care of healthy white skin from within. Therefore, this product besides endogenous sunscreen is also used as skin care product for women.

The best sunscreen pill today

The best sunscreen pills today are evaluated by experts in many aspects such as origin, composition, use ... Along with endogenous sun protection, the distribution cost of the products also affects quite a lot. Much to today's users' product accessibility.

Japanese sunscreen pill Nucos White

Nucos White is a functional food with 100% natural extracts originating from Japan. Stemming from research on the effects of restoring dark spots and freckles caused by environmental agents, Nucos White develops into endogenous sunscreen members. From there, Nucos White protects the skin against the effects of ultraviolet rays, restoring the skin's health from within.

Nucos White is a selection of many natural ingredients that are safe and healthy for users. Main raw material is protein, vitamins, amino acids from horse placenta extract. There are also Japanese green algae, apple polyphenols, L-cysteine ​​peptide from brown rice, tomatoes, grape seeds, mushroom extract ...

When using Nucos White daily, oral ingredients will help the skin inhibit and control the formation of melanin - produced under the influence of the sun. Besides, it increases resistance from deep inside, anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory, against effects from UV rays.

Especially. Japanese sunscreen Nucos White tablet with green algae extract and more than 3000 vitamins, minerals ... also has a whitening effect from the inside. At the same time, Nucos White also has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, oil control and inflammatory acne. Therefore, this sunscreen product is also recommended for oily skin, sensitive skin, freckled skin, dark spots ...

The list price for a box of Nucos White is about 600,000 VND / box of 60 capsules.

American sunscreen pill Glutamax 1000

Glutamax 1000 is an endogenous sunscreen pill originating from the United States (USA) - a leading country in the field of pharmaceutical and cosmetics. With extracts mainly ferns and red pomegranates, Glutamax 1000 is currently extremely safe for health.

Glutamax 1000 sunscreen pill

With 1000mg of L-Glutathione added in each box, Glutamax 1000 is even more outstanding with its ability to inhibit melanin formation, increasing the skin's stamina against the effects of UV rays. Along with endogenous sun protection, Glutamax 1000 also has Glutathione, which helps the body to produce light-colored melanin, restore and eliminate dark spots and freckles.

Glutamax also contains many ingredients such as vitamins A, C, D, E ..., beneficial minerals, collagen ... support her to take care of her skin from within. Strong antioxidant ingredients from ferns and red pomegranates help to neutralize free radicals quickly. From there, slow down the aging process from the inside, at the same time, effectively reduce the risk of cancer.

The listed price for a box of Glutamax 1000 is about VND 1,550,000 / box of 60 capsules.

How to drink endogenous sunscreen?

Most of the best sunscreen pills available today are integrated to reduce dark spots and nourish the skin from within. Therefore, you should use endogenous sunscreen oral products on a daily basis to give the best effect possible. Dose about 2 times / day or drink before going out about 30 minutes as needed.

With some cases of using sunscreen pills to treat freckles while protecting the skin from environmental impacts, you can use the booster to quickly achieve treatment results. For example, Japanese sunscreen Nucos White pill, you can take 3 times / day to enhance its effects.

Combine using sunscreen to increase skin protection

Endogenous sunscreen pills are only functional foods that help protect the skin against UV damage. Therefore, you should still use a combination of sunscreen and coats, hats, umbrellas ... when regularly exposed to the sun.

Endogenous sunscreen pills are an effective solution to help her protect her skin against the effects of the sun. In particular, this functional food also helps you overcome the limitations of using sunscreen too thick all day, such as skin squash, sunscreen allergy, ... Find out and choose right for yourself. The best anti-oral products available today!


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