The effects of vitamin C must be known to have bright white skin

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for human health and skin, especially for women. It is abundant in common foods, providing a great source of energy for the body. However, many people still do not understand this essence and use it in the wrong way. The following article will introduce you to the specific definition as well as the most correct addition.

What is Vitamin C?

From an early age, anyone is given a sour taste of lozenges from a doctor, called C pill to increase resistance. This is a product of vitamin C that is effective in treating common colds, coughs, sore throats. Vitamin C is found in abundance in the foods you use every day, helping to improve your health and maintain a smooth, glowing skin.

Vitamin C is found in many natural foods

Normally, we can absorb natural sources of vitamin C in many ways. These include oral, oral, skin injection, water infusion. In addition, your body can also synthesize this essence through a number of cells with its own functions, supported by ALA.

Currently, this essence is naturally extracted and artificially synthesized to use as an ingredient in drugs, lotions, wound healing creams, ... Some women choose to buy vitamin C pills to Supplements directly to the body. However, if not used according to the doctor's instructions, excess vitamins can be eliminated, causing some side effects such as headache and vomiting.

Vitamin C có tác dụng gì?

Referring to the effects of vitamin C, you will feel extremely surprised by the benefits that this essence brings to you and your family. This is an easy-to-find source of nutrients, abundant in nature and promoting health. Specifically, the effects of vitamin C include:

  • Helps the body absorb iron, increases the amount of this mineral in red blood cells to keep the functioning of the organs normally;
  • Prevent osteoporosis in both men and women, improve connective tissue, ensure the structure of bones and muscles;
  • Resistance through combating bacterial inflammation, natural poisoning;
  • Support quick healing of skin wounds, avoid infection;
  • Cure vitamin C deficiency in children, reduce the risk of malnutrition and thinness in children;
  • Treatment of common cold and fever symptoms such as cough, sore throat, runny nose, dizziness, headache;
  • Enhancing vision, helping to improve blurred vision in the elderly and people with eye problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism
  • Treatment of genetic disorders in newborns, helping the child's body develop healthy, strong bones and joints;
  • Maintains smooth and glowing skin; assists in sebum control, reduces acne and blemishes after squeezing pimples;
  • Preventing the risk of cancer, healthy brain and nervous system development;
  • Helps treat symptoms of arrhythmias after surgery;
  • Clearing the colon before the colonoscopy makes it easier for the exam;
  • Acidification of urine to reduce the protein in this solution in people with diabetes.

Vitamin C is usually in any foods?

In nature there are many foods containing vitamin C that help improve the health and skin, especially women. They are mostly fresh fruits in yellow and orange colors, as well as some green vegetables. You can refer to the following foods to immediately add the necessary nutrients for yourself and your family:

  • Guava: Guava contains the most abundant amount of vitamin C instead of oranges as many people believe. Eating a lot of guava during a fever is a quick way to improve health;
  • Oranges: Referring to the plentiful source of vitamin C, oranges and tangerines are indispensable. They help strengthen vitality in the newly sick, maintain health;
  • Mango: one mango contains 122.3mg of vitamin C that enhances resistance and improves eyesight;
  • Chili: Those who regularly eat 1 -2 chili pepper / day will have better health than those who rarely use. Each chili contains 107.8mg of vitamin C;
  • Papaya: In addition to providing a lot of vitamin A, papaya is also a rich source of vitamin C that you should add to your daily diet;
  • Broccoli: This vegetable is low in calories but rich in vitamin C, suitable for people who want to lose weight;
  • Kiwi fruit: Each kiwi contains about 70 mg of vitamin C, besides there are many minerals such as K, Cu, ... to help improve health;
  • Strawberries: Strawberries are a great source of essential vitamins for the body, which is favored by many people. It contains high levels of vitamin C, in addition to vitamins A, B, E to help maintain a rosy, shiny skin;
  • Pineapple: a pineapple contains 78 mg of vitamin C, the enzyme bromelain to help improve the skin, and effectively fight inflammation. Eating ¼ pineapple after exercise is the best way to reduce the feeling of fatigue, improve muscle function.

Vitamin C is mainly found in fruits

Vitamin C and Collagen - The perfect duo for smooth, bright white skin

Currently, skin care products all contain vitamin C to improve whiteness and maintain youthful beauty. Especially, if you combine vitamin C with collagen, it will be the perfect source of nutrients to slow down the aging process in women. They stimulate the skin regeneration process and restore more effectively, improve the structure and elasticity for women through the age of 25.

  • Vitamin C and collagen are the perfect skin care duo

If you are someone who regularly learns quality skin care products, you will surely know the composition of collagen. This is a fibrous protein that makes up 25% of the body and 70% of the skin structure in women. Its main effect is to maintain the firmness of connective tissue, helping cells have a favorable environment for energy synthesis.

However, each year, a woman's body produces 1% less of this essence, causing skin to appear aging. The most visible signs are forehead wrinkles and corners of the eyes, rough and dry skin, more pimples. Besides, your skin color also gradually becomes dark and dark, making the skin uneven color. This makes a lot of women bother and find ways to supplement.

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that has a great effect on slowing down the aging process. When combined with fish collagen sources, they form the perfect duo overcoming problems caused by collagen deficiency. Therefore, many skin care products, especially famous Japanese manufacturers, attach great importance to supplementation. The most typical is the brand Nucos with many products.

Currently, Nucos has launched functional foods with abundant vitamin C and collagen content. You can easily replenish these essences through items like Nucos Super White, Nucos Spa, Nucos Cells Up. Besides, these products also contain natural extracts of tomatoes, red apples, green algae, yeast, and grape seeds to help improve skin quickly.

Nucos Cells Up contains vitamin C

Above is information about what vitamin C is and its "miraculous" effects on the human body, especially women. Please refer to the article and immediately buy foods containing this rich source of nutrients to use. If you need to buy products containing vitamin C and collagen of Nucos, visit the website for support at the most affordable price.


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