What effect does collagen have? Should take water collagen or collagen tablets?

Want to know what Collagen does, you need to understand its nature. Not only is it good for the skin, but products containing this active ingredient also positively affect the body. To learn how to use and use in detail, you can refer to the article below.

What effect does collagen have?

When it comes to Collagen, the beauty effect is the most concerned thing. Public active ingredients help prevent the aging process, support healthy and firm skin. Wrinkles, crow's feet will fade after a period of use.

In addition to taking care of our skin, our health has also gradually improved.

For blood vessels

Collagen is one of the ingredients that helps in the production of blood vessels. They help prevent hardening of the arteries and high blood pressure. Therefore, taking Collagen has a very effective effect on people suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

For the eyes

Even in the cornea and lens of the eye, collagen is abundant in crystalline form. The cornea is poorly functioning, the lens fades because of lack of collagen. Since then, the eyesight has been greatly affected.

Using Collagen is good for the eyes and skin

For internal organs

Visceral organs are always healthy if collagen supplementation is maintained. Diseases of the liver, lungs, heart .... will gradually become more limited.

For the operation of bones and joints

In addition to calcium, collagen also makes up 80% of the bone composition. Bone toughness and elasticity will decrease gradually with increasing age. Please replenish Collagen properly, your joint activities will become more flexible.

For hair, nails and toenails

The keratin in hair, nails and toenails also contains collagen. They aid keratin in providing nutrients in order to function most effectively. In addition, hair also reduces hair loss and is smooth. Fingernails and toenails also become stronger.

The use of Collagen is widely believed by many women today. The effective effects that Collagen brings will make you unable to say no.

Collagen should drink when

Evening is the most effective time to use collagen. At this time, the metabolism and regeneration of the skin take place the most. Therefore, using Collagen at this time is very appropriate. The body will absorb faster and more efficiently.

Choose the right time to take Collagen

In addition, at other times, you can drink 3 hours before meals and limit food intake immediately after drinking. However, with collagen lines containing high amounts of Vitamin C, you should drink it in the morning after eating.

What are Collagen Peptides? Why collagen peptides is better than regular collagen?

Collagen Peptides (hydrolyzed collagen) fibers are contained in the outer layer of living cells. This is considered a hydrolyzed form of Collagen. Peptides are short-chain Amino Acids containing extremely small particles. The particles have high permeability, to the layers of skin cells. The skin receives the signal and produces collagen. Some Peptides also relax wrinkles - botox, helping to firm, elastic and smooth skin.

Collagen Peptides differ from other types in the amount of amino acids, proline, hydroxyproline and glycine. Protein is 10 to 20 times higher than normal. Slowing down the formation of wrinkles, dullness in the skin and building fibrous tissue, amino acids play a very important role in our skin.

Why collagen peptides is better than regular collagen?

There are different types of Collagen with different effects. However, Collagen Peptides are more trusted for a number of reasons:

Easily absorbed into the body

The body will immediately absorb the Collagen Peptides when it is tolerated. According to the survey, after just a few hours of use, more than 90% of the collagen peptide is absorbed by the body. At this speed, the collagen peptide molecules and amino acids are guaranteed to be transported around the body in a maximum efficient way.

With normal collagen, it is necessary to have the help of small circuit-breaking enzyme for the body to absorb it more easily. Therefore, it will not guarantee maximum absorption even though it takes a lot of time.

Does not cause weight gain

Due to its low calories, Collagen peptides are not as fattening as normal collagen. Moreover, Collagen Peptide also creates a feeling of fullness, has the effect of losing weight when adding protein to the body.

Using Collagen is the current trend for women when they want smooth, shiny skin. With great demand from the market, countless types of Collagen were born. In which many more people use Collagen in the form of water and Collagen in tablets.

Should take collagen water or collagen tablets?

Depending on your needs and financial ability, you can choose water or pellets, but water will absorb better than tablets. Here are the pros and cons of the two above.

Water form

Being used and bought by the majority of women is Hydrolyzed Collagen or Hydrolyzed Collagen. Usually Japanese water collagen is most popular among women. Because Japanese Collagen has fruits and precious herbs, in addition to regular Collagen, it is quite easy to drink, not fishy.

Advantages of water collagen after being broken down into microscopic molecules, water collagen will absorb it at a faster rate. The damaged skin cells are therefore easily fortified. The results will show faster and clearer after using this type of Collagen.

Water-based collagen is easily absorbed into the body

The downside of water-based collagen is usually the price. Because it takes a long time to get the desired effect, using it for a long time is quite expensive. In addition, the water-based Collagen product is not supplemented with fruit flavors, so it is often fishy and a bit difficult to drink.

As for collagen tablets, especially Japanese collagen tablets are also being used by a lot of people. Here are its pros and cons, let's see if there are any differences with water-based Collagen.


The advantages of tablet collagen are first of all about the convenience and ease of storage. You don't have to keep cold storage like water collagen, you can bring it in pill form anytime.

Because it is extracted from fish skin, the body will fully absorb the entire collagen content in each capsule. Because it has a molecular structure similar to human skin, when it penetrates the dermis, it will be deeper and easier. Thus, to avoid the possibility of being eliminated too quickly and using it economically, you can try collagen pills.

Collagen is easy to take tablets

It is also important that the cost of conventional pills is lower than that of water-based collagen. So, do not hesitate to find and choose for yourself a few products to start taking care of your skin right now.

In addition to the above advantages, the disadvantage of tablet collagen is that it does not absorb as quickly as water. It takes 2 to 3 months for a course to start seeing the expected results.

So the question is, which one should be used more appropriately and effectively? Please answer the above question with the information below

So taking collagen water or pills is more effective?

There are different pros and cons, each one has its own use. The choice of product depends on the needs and finances of each person.

If you need to be fast and have to beautify "fast" like going to a big event or holiday, you should choose collagen in the form of water. It will help you to quickly have smooth and healthy skin. On the contrary, my sisters love the deep penetration and less rejection, convenient and easy to preserve, choose Collagen tablets.

Nucos water collagen

Not only provides extremely high levels of Collagen, the product also combines 9 ingredients inside 1 bottle, effectively bringing both health and beauty. (Collagen Nucos Spa 10000). It provides powerful antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Coenzyme Q10, Beta Carotene, ... These ingredients help enhance resistance, nourish skin plump, smooth, whiten skin, fade dark spots. darkened with Vitamin E, Lycopene, ...

The best anti-oxidant whitening skin care product

Collagen Nucos tablets

The main ingredients are Collagen (Fish origin) and Elastin. These ingredients increase skin elasticity, which, in turn, is quickly restored and regenerated. In addition, wrinkles are also significantly reduced after just 1 course.

Nucos Collagen products put safety first. Not only timely and necessary collagen replenishment for the skin, they also help improve the body's resistance. Skin aging status is repelled, instead, you will have a smooth, smooth and elastic skin like teenage girls in their eighteen and twenties.

Effective anti-aging tablets

Collagen Nucos tablets are the secret weapon to help Japanese women feel confident with their smooth, healthy skin from the inside. Not only that, the product has a quite reasonable price and any woman can own to keep the youthful and anti-aging skin.

With the above collagen information, hopefully you have made a decision for the right product line. To supplement nutrients for the body, nourish the skin, retain youth, using Collagen is definitely the most appropriate method.


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