What is a horse placenta? What is the effect of horse placenta?

For a long time, the horse placenta has been one of the natural ingredients used to beautify many people. Previously, this ingredient was only used by concubines in the palace and the mandarin's wife to keep the youthful beauty forever. Currently, the horse placenta has become more popular and widely used in beauty products. The following article will share with you details about this material.

What is a horse placenta?

During pregnancy, the foal will be covered by a sturdy membrane that protects the body, and transfers nutrients from the mother horse. When born, this membrane is removed, as it no longer works on the animal itself. However, few people know that this is the earliest part formed during pregnancy, containing many nutrients that are effective in raising foals.

Since ancient times, the temples in the palace discovered this and used the horse placenta to make medicine, beauty cream. With its miraculous effect, this ingredient is very popular and becomes indispensable to noble women. However, the components present in the horse placenta under the manual preparation do not bring the obvious and rapid effect as now.

According to scientific studies, the horse placenta contains a rich source of nutrients, bringing good uses for both health and skin. Experts have proven that in this ingredient there are more than 3000 vitamins, with 6 amino acids and protein. These include antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, nucleic acid, minerals, vitamins B, C, D, E, collagen, ...

Using horse placenta in the manufacture of creams will help stimulate skin regeneration and structural repair. Besides, this ingredient is also present in many functional foods, especially whitening pills from Japan. The collagen water loaded into the body is also composed of the horse placenta, increasing the effectiveness, maintaining soft skin and abundant health.

What is the effect of horse placenta?

So specifically, what is the effect of horse placenta that many researchers use to produce functional foods? This is the question of many women and men when looking for drinking pills and skin care drinks from the inside. About the use of the horse placenta, please refer to the following information to better understand it.

Horse placenta and health effects

First, to mention the use of the horse placenta to the health of humans, especially middle-aged women. It brings a lot of benefits, affecting all organs in the body and outside the skin, including:

  • Provide essential nutrients for people in weak condition, sick people and after other medical treatment. It helps to strengthen the function of the immune system, effective antibiotics and nourishes the organs;
  • Enhances physiological abilities in both women and men, helps maintain a happy, always healthy life;
  • Effective liver detoxification, preventing the risk of hepatitis B in adults; improve liver function for people who regularly use stimulants; reduces liver enzymes and stimulates metabolism, metabolism;
  • Reduce cholesterol in the blood quickly, facilitate the heart to pump blood throughout the body, increase fitness and maintain a rosy skin;
  • Neutralizes free radicals, counteracts natural oxidation to help reduce organ aging; increasing sebum, slowing osteoarthritis;

Horse placenta and effects with beauty

In addition to its effects on health, the horse placenta is also effective for the skin, especially women. It adds nutrients that are essential for maintaining youthfulness such as vitamins, acids, proteins, collagen, ... At the same time, it also creates an extremely good barrier for you against harmful agents of the lips. field, as follows:

  • Destroying free radicals, preventing the formation of toxins, accelerating skin aging in women;
  • Stimulates the skin regeneration process, ensures elasticity and limits the formation of wrinkles, avoids sagging, causing loss of aesthetics;
  • Protect the skin from the effects of radiation in the sun, help inhibit the production of melanin that causes dark, dullness;
  • Hydrates and moisturizes, helping your skin stay supple and supple no matter the heat;
  • Support for acne treatment, prevent formation of blackheads due to the presence of antioxidants;
  • Stimulates blood vessels, makes skin smooth and bright pink because it contains many proteins, amino acids and nucleic acids that help soften and rejuvenate skin surface.

Horse placenta helps to tighten skin and maintain youthfulness

Is the Japanese horse placenta good? Where is the horse placenta?

Horse placenta is a familiar ingredient in Japanese skin care products, and is trusted by many women. So, when this natural ingredient is prepared and applied in oral pills and creams, will it still be effective? If you are also worried about this, immediately refer to the following two most famous beauty products in Japan.

White oral tablet Nucos White

Nucos is a Japanese functional food brand whose ingredients are mainly natural extracts to quickly and safely beautify the skin. Its main ingredients are horse placenta extract, vitamin B3, vitamin C, tomato and grape seed extract, nutrients from red apple and green algae. In particular, it also contains antioxidants present in yeast to effectively lighten the skin, improve dullness.

These ingredients contain many essential essences for women's skin, especially aged 18-60. They provide protein, vitamins, acids, polyphenols, lycopene, L-cysteine peptide, ... Horse placenta has the largest reserves to help inhibit the formation of dark pigmentation, detoxify the skin and slow down the aging process. Green algae and red apple extracts maintain youthfulness and keep skin healthy.

The main use of Nucos White is to help the skin resist the effects of UV rays in the sun, reduce dark spots and fade freckles. Those who possess acne skin can also take this pill to antibacterial, limit acne formation, and cause skin damage. Dosage of Nucos White includes attack and maintenance dose, and the best time of absorption is the morning after meals.

Nucos Super White whitening drink

Similar to Nucos White, Nucos Super White is also a product from the famous Japanese brand Nucos but has been upgraded. According to the manufacturer's announcement, this item contains up to 8 active antioxidants, helping your skin become soft and smooth. Specifically, it includes ingredients similar to Nucos White but with added coenzyme Q10 and collagen peptide.

The use of this product is to inhibit the formation of melanin pigmentation under the skin impacted by the sun, and limit dullness and darkening. In addition, the essences also help to improve poor color, help you become more fresh and radiant, and avoid melasma. Your skin is always in a healthy state, with enough nutrients, from which the regeneration process takes place more efficiently.

Nucos Super White is suitable for many subjects

People with acne should use this item as it aids in reducing swelling, rapid healing of skin and reducing dark spots. Your skin will become supple and smooth after about 1-3 months of continuous use. You can also refill your Nucos Super White drinking water by taking an attack or maintenance dose, the appropriate time is morning or noon after a full meal.

Horse placenta is not an unfamiliar material, but still makes many women confused when shopping and using products containing it. Hopefully, with the information shared above, you will have more useful knowledge and peace of mind in searching for water, skin beauty pills. If you are in need of comprehensive body care, please visit the Nucos Japan website to shop now.


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