What is Astaxanthin? Uses "miracle" of Astaxanthin

In today's life, when people's lives have become more comfortable, strengthening and protecting health becomes the top concern. Accordingly, the health sector with many new researches produces many functional products that are good for health. Including research on astaxanthin. So what is it? How are they used?

What is Astaxanthin?

As an effective assistant, supporting the working process of the immune system, astaxanthin occupies a very important position. This is an essential antioxidant in the human body. They belong to the group of carotenoid chemicals with a red pigment.


Astaxanthin - the best antioxidant in the carotenoid group

This substance has the ability to fight aging and damage in the body. When astaxanthin is fully supplemented into the body from within, it helps to keep the body healthy, avoiding harmful effects from the environment as well as chemicals.

Principle of action of astaxanthin

According to many studies showing that, the antioxidant astaxanthin cannot synthesize inside the human body like other substances. Therefore, it is imperative that we supplement this substance by mouth with supplements or through foods containing astaxanthin.


It is a substance that cannot be self-synthesized and must be supplemented from outside

The reason why astaxanthin is so popular is because it is an extremely powerful antioxidant. Their activity intensity is stronger than many others. Specifically, the antioxidant astaxanthin 550 times higher than Vitamin E, the antioxidant is 6000 times higher than Vitamin C.

Where is Astaxanthin usually found?

A question arises: what foods are astaxanthin in? Because we need to know exactly this to facilitate the correct supplement to the body.


Salmon contains a lot of astaxanthin

In fact, astaxanthin is found in almost every fresh food. Especially algae and other types of seafood. They are found in salmon, shrimp and marine fish. It is also the substance that plays a major role in the pink color of salmon and seafood.

Uses of Astaxanthin

Dubbed the "king" of antioxidants supplemented from outside the body, astaxanthin will certainly have great uses. So what is it?

Health benefits of astaxanthin

When it comes to the effects of astaxanthin, we need to immediately mention its health benefits. Antioxidants, enhance health, increase eyesight, reduce inflammation and pain are all astaxanthin can do.

High resistance to oxidation

The first and foremost use is its high antioxidant capacity. Astaxanthin has the ability to block oxidative radicals, helping to protect cells. Thanks to that, the organs in the body and the skin can still be maintained at a stable level.

In particular, they help to protect the cell membranes from lipidification. Therefore, this will be the main ingredient in the dietary supplements to supplement nutrients for the body.

Effects on strengthening the health and immune system

Astaxanthin has the ability to replenish energy for the body. Along with that is to strengthen the immune system, helping the body to build a wall, preventing all harmful agents.

Thanks to this type of antioxidant, skeletal organs also have positive changes. Muscle tissues work more flexibly, reducing the accumulation of beneficial acids. This is extremely good for the elderly, because at this age bones and joints become painful, difficult to walk.

Effects of enhancing eyesight

Another great effect that cannot be ignored is the ability to enhance eyesight of Astaxanthin. They can fight macular degeneration, protect eye membranes. Especially, because it is a non-precursor carotenoid in the pre-Vitamin form. Therefore, they are completely capable of converting into Vitamin A to protect the eyes when entering the body.

This is also the reason why experts affirm that salmon and shrimp are good food for the eyes and good for health. With the supplement of astaxanthin directly by the route of eating, it will provide the body with the fullest amount of quality.

Has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties

Reducing inflammation and pain are one of the uses that cannot be ignored. Astaxanthin can inhibit COX-2, reducing inflammation. These include gastritis, gastric or intestinal ulcers.

Effects of astaxanthin for beauty

It can be said that astaxanthin is an effective tool for the beauty process. Especially here is skin beauty. As an antioxidant, your skin will also look beautiful, firmer, and younger in age. The skin will have better elasticity, and improve wrinkled skin.


Has a good effect on the skin

At the same time, they will be a great aid in sun protection. Under the effect of preventing harmful UV rays from exposure and causing tanning, the skin will be protected from sunburn.

Natural Astaxanthin supplement method from Japan

There is a well-researched and proven method of astaxanthin supplementation that comes from oral pills. This is a popular form of nutritional supplement today. Instead of providing fresh foods that need to go through the processing and cooking process, functional foods will be more convenient.

Each day, supplementing a few nutrients contained in one pill, the body will still be fully loaded with the necessary energy and astaxanthin. Accordingly, a supplement that is most widely believed to be Nucos White. This will be an extremely suitable product for women who want to supplement the antioxidant astaxanthin and nourish the skin.

Nucos White adds astaxanthin to help whiten the skin and prevent oxidation

As a pill that is trusted by most women of the rising sun, Nucos White increasingly asserts its value. This will be the most effective method to help replenish astaxanthin for the body. They go from deep inside, have a radical effect, bring a positive effect in skin whitening, anti-oxidant.


Food drink Nucos White

Nucos has main ingredients such as: horse placenta extract, vitamins, Japanese green algae extract, polyphenol, yeast extract, tomato extract, grape seed ... All are formulated with the formula on the base. modern technology, making a perfect oral tablet.

There are 3 outstanding uses that Nucos White has done very well:

  • Provide the necessary amount of astaxanthin, fight inflammation, pain, improve resistance;
  • Skin care, whiten skin, reduce melasma, freckles;
  • Anti-UV damage, protects skin from harsh sun.

So how to use this oral dose is what many people wonder. In essence, Nucos can be applied in two forms of use. It is the therapeutic and the maintenance dose. With a therapeutic dose of 3 tablets per day. As for the maintenance dose for the body is 2 capsules per day. Usually, the drug will be taken in the morning after eating for the best effect for the body.

Where to buy Nucos White?

Knowing the great benefits of Nucos White antioxidant and whitening drinks, but you still wonder where to buy. Because on the market today, it is unavoidable that fake drugs and poor quality drugs. If you do not buy at a reputable address, you will not only not improve your shortcomings but also lose a lot of money.

Currently, the selling price of Nucos is under 1 million VND / box. Each box contains 60 pills, which are widely sold in drugstores nationwide. Or you can also buy online on the website and genuine fanpage of Nucos Japan as well as e-commerce floors (lazada, shopee, tiki)

The above article gives everyone information about astaxanthin - a good antioxidant. Add to that the secret to astaxanthin supplementation - skin whitening from Nucos white. Please research, learn and try to use it to get the best experience!


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